Shove at First Sight

Whoever said love at first sight exists was wrong.

This is a scientific fact. Well, there are probably science articles out there speculating the chemistry and idiocy of love at first sight.

Think logically: why would you fall in love with a stranger you’ve never met before? His gorgeous hair? Her sea-blue eyes? Don’t you mean LUST at first sight instead?

Then there’s the concept of true love.

I am sorry for sounding like a pessimist, but true love does not exist between humans. We are each out for survival. The closest things true love refers to are family and friendship. Sure, you think you’re in love when you meet the Romeo of your life, and you claim you finally “see the lights” at night. Then, 10 years later, you’re asking yourself one day, “Why did I marry this person?” (Or you think to yourself, “That Paris dude is looking fine. I wonder what he’s like alone?”)


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