College Admissions + Senioritis =

I’m pretty good at mathematics. But there’s one equation I cannot solve.

College Admissions

Now that the end of March is arriving faster than pollen flying against the car windows, seniors everywhere are receiving their college decision letters. Sure, I have applied to some far-out schools…ones that have an acceptance rate of < 10%. Yep, totally looking forward to my letters. Not.


Defined on one of my previous posts. Basically, with college applications in the mail long ago and the school year 3/4 of the way finished, what’s left? Study to get a 5 on the AP Calc BC exam? (…okay, seriously? Study? In your senior year?)

A few solutions I have come up with:

  • College Admissions + Senioritis = Procastination (False. Procrastination = Senioritis, of which College Admissions would have to = 0)
  • College Admissions + Senioritis = Drastic Drop in Grades (Well…only if you have a severe case of senioritis.)
  • College Admissions + Senioritis = Lackadaisical Mood Towards Your Friends and Teachers (Hey bro, sup. Cool day, huh? Wait, we have a test in Econ? Ah, whatever bro.)


I may need to investigate further.


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