That’s Why I Chose Yale (or Hope for Yale, Actually)

Fantastic musical/music video/ad for Yale, whichever one you want to call it.

Now, if I can only get in… Yale University is one of the most selective schools for undergrads to get in nowadays. 7% acceptance rate, compared to 16% a mere decade ago. And the number’s only getting lower.

Mind, not all Yale graduates are “significant” people. Just because you attend Yale does not mean you’ll end up famous, wealthy, influential, etc. Any college can do that. To serve as an example, my Yale interviewer a few weeks ago (Class of ’92, I believe) was rather…boring and ignorant. Not only did she speak in such a low voice in the crowded coffee shop (and I couldn’t say, “Could you repeat that?” over and over), she also produced lackadaisical responses to anything I said:

Me: I’m in Student Council, and we organize the homecoming dance.

Interviewer: (Nods.)

Me: … I like to write and design. I’ve designed T-shirts for classes and banners.

Interviewer: (Nods, eyebrow slightly skeptically raised.)

Me: So uh, tell me about the orchestra at Yale…?

Interviewer: It’s been such a long time that I can’t remember anything. (Foot knocks against mine accidentally–did I mention this interviewer is on the large side and picked a TINY table that could only fit 1 person, max? I’m sitting there with no leg space.)

Finally, the interview ends almost unexpectedly. She says, “If you have any more questions, go to the Website.” To which I reply, “Oh…uh, well, I guess thank you for your time…”

After a series of awkward handshakes and silent nods, I leave the coffee shop.

Well, bad interviewers aside, Yale still seems like a pretty good place.


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