The Anonymity of Blogs

Recently, I’ve discovered that quite a few of my classmates have blogs, too. Unlike me, they aren’t afraid to use their real names, upload actual photos of themselves and their friends/family, etc.

I’ve considered doing that, but the thing is, I like the anonymity of an anonymous blog. I like to rant on here. I like to whine. I like to write about my surroundings without revealing the identity of the author…that is, myself.

Otherwise, what would be the point of this blog? I could easily write out my thoughts on Facebook or even Twitter. I’d have a stream of followers who know me in real life, and although there are good sides to that, there are also 99 bad things with that. Let’s name a few.

  1. People like to judge others. Through actions, clothes, character, personal beliefs, etc. I don’t need the intricacies of my wandering writings added to the list.
  2. People also get offended really easily. I’d have to start sugarcoating my posts for a superficial audience.
  3. Stalkers from the Philippines could probably track you down. Think about it: you’ll be revealing your real name, real photos of yourself, and a real timeline of your life. Forget hackers and their methods of extracting addresses from a .jpg; a high schooler should be able to find you, if they tried hard enough.
  4. Self-conscious + rants = not a good combo. Embarrassment. Abort, abort.
  5. Blackmailers who go through your entire archive. That post you wrote 2 years ago? Yup.

Basically, I like having private thoughts be addressed to no one in particular in the infinite universe. Knowing that my colleague from Spanish class or my crush from Florida will read my posts is fine. Knowing that they’ll read my posts with the knowledge that I am the writer is a bit, uh… uncomfortable. And that’s when I cue the sugarcoating.




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