Fall Semester Has Fallen Down

Happy 2014 everyone!

(I’m too late to the chase, but what else is new? I’m a professional procrastinator, after all.)

So I’ve been rethinking the whole college experience. Fall semester was quite memorable. I have learned absolutely nothing useful from my abstract algebra class, except how to make your GPA plummet and how to pretend to understand useless proofs that you will never use in the real world. 

I also learned nothing from my history class aside from facts I could have looked up on Wikipedia myself. I remember back in high school, a teacher told us that college does not improve your writing skills. Instead, you develop it on your own, through trials and B essays and all-nighters.  This is 100% true. My history professor, despite being a great lecturer, did not teach us how to effectively improve our writing at all. He even commented that my writing was at times “too decorative” for history writing.

(Let me just say that in my previous history classes, none of the professors ever said that. In fact, one previous professor had encouraged me to use more descriptive, colorful words. Contradictory advice? Dogmatic views? Welcome to academia.)

Basically, the only useful things I learned were how to sound confident during class discussions, how to do ace research, and how to manage your time well. 

Well, okay, I suppose my economics classes were pretty useful.

I guess it’s like what my dad always says: After you graduate, you will likely never use what you learned in school again. Not the Pythagorean Theorem. Not formulas for diminishing marginal demand. However, what you do take away is your critical thinking skills.





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