Things That Bother Me (Right Now Edition)

It’s 97 degrees and my room has no air conditioning. In addition, my body apparently can’t digest lactate like it used to so I have a bloated feeling from drinking milk (the Oreos were worth it, though). Finally, I haven’t been able to sleep in at all this week; this morning I had to rise at 6:30 AM, after going to bed at 12:00 AM since the neighbors were being so loud. Let me repeat: So. Freaking. Loud.

So this list may represent my off-days mood. Don’t worry, I’m usually a nice person…sort of.

  1. That girl who is too sensitive and cares too much about other peoples’ feelings. I’m not talking empathy here, I’m talking abandon everything I stand for just to make others laugh and smile. Trust me, there’s a point where it gets a bit irritating. You’re almost angry for her. Here are some things you want to expound to her (that may or may not be related to personal experiences with the person): “Look, it’s okay if we’re 5 minutes late. This is a hangout with friends at a cheap sushi place, not a meeting with the president at Carnegie Hall.”
  2. This overheating laptop. It burns.
  3. That Christian guy who claimed dating is stupid and inane, and denounced anyone who did date in college. Stop using God to justify your overrated opinions to people who are too polite to argue back. (And I’m speaking as a fellow Christian; you don’t see me forcing my views down everyone’s throats.)
  4. The group of people in the common kitchen who just sit around laughing about dumb things. Can you move your conversation to the downstairs living room, please and thanks a lotta.
  5. My future. I don’t like the prospect of anything right now.


Maybe it’s just the summertime blues. But for most people the cure means having a blast at the beach with lemonade. For me: I just want peace, quiet, and a lifetime supply of cold ice please.


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