Hiatus R Us

First of all, I apologize to the readers who have been steadily waiting for a new post. Mid-December was full of finals cramming, 2012 Apocalypse scare (just kidding, nobody believed the world would end…uh…), and a long, long winter break. No, really. I basically had the entire month of January off.

It seems WordPress has gotten rid of its once beautiful black header and replaced it with cheesy blue. This is not okay, WordPress. I’m disappointed in you. Edit: WordPress didn’t change after all. I was lost for 3 minutes but have relocated the beautiful dashboard. Cheers.

Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to explore new hobbies and try new things. This includes needle felting (and accidentally pricking my thumb with the needle).

To make up for the lack of content, here’s an inspirational poster I found recently on the Web. Analyze it closely. I admit I share a good portion of qualities associated with the Unsuccessful side, so that’s another thing I’ll need to change.

(Although to be honest, I don’t see how watching too much TV relates to anything.)


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