For Better or For Worse

So I was Facebook stalking my old classmates from high school. For all you Facebook users, you should dig into your profile history and read some of the status updates you wrote 3 years ago. Seriously, just read them.

I know right? That was my reaction too.

Anyway, people are always like Absence makes the heart grow fonder or Out of sight, out of mind. But I have a new saying: Absence makes the heart grow fonder but the mind stays absent, so once you really see the picture, your mind goes “Uh, wow, I’ve been off track.” (I realize this quote will never make it to Google’s top searches, but hey, I can dream)

Basically, a lot of classmates have changed significantly after they’ve left for college. I mean, yeah, it’s a time of growth and self-discovering. But it’s pretty amusing seeing photos of the quiet physics kid hungover in the middle of a karaoke bar. Or a bunch of class flirts who recently pledged a no-dating, sorority-only thing.

The biggest surprise, however, was the Facebook Wall of my last crush. He’s never dated anyone in his life (no, it’s not creepy I keep tabs on this kind of stuff), and I’ve never thought him to be the flirty type. He is also not one of those guys who go, “Yo, check out that chick’s booty.” In fact, he’s kind of the conservative, bookish type (hence my crush for him in the first place). But he’s become friends with this girl who

  • Posts half-nude cover photos on her profile
  • Posts photos of thongs with suggestive writings
  • Currently has a profile picture of her chest area to just below her nose, so nobody can see her face (which I thought was the point of Facebook, hur hur)

Anyway, it seems they’re becoming good pals. I can’t see most of their Wall conversations, but they’ve been having some good exchanges going on.

Well, to each his own, I guess.


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