List of High School Activities for the Clueless

Hey high school readers. It’s been a while since I updated anything in the high school category. Remember how I promised to give high school advice and tips? Well, first lesson you should know: promises are easily broken.


Anyway, to stop feeling semi-guilty, I’ve compiled a list of high school activities I would recommend to any kid.

(The bolded ones are ones I’ve personally had experience with. Yes, it looks like a handful, but remember I was one of those kids whose life revolved around academics.)

  1. Beta ClubLots of volunteering. Depending on your school, the club provides you with weekly opportunities to “GET INVOLVED” in the neighborhood. 
  2. National Honor SocietyAn A-plus version of Beta Club for the…A-plus students. Lots of volunteering, but the end result is worth it when you’re wearing that NHS stole on your graduation gown.
  3. Science Olympiad. For those who are adept in chemistry, physics, and biology. If you enjoy studying for something other than a class test and want a chance at a gold medal and fame, well, go right ahead.
  4. Math TeamMath lovers, we haven’t forgotten you. Enjoy math so much you’d give away your weekends to compete in a tournament 90 miles away? The Math Team is no joke.
  5. Debate Team. Well, I can tell you that ad hominem attacks do not work here.
  6. National Art Honor SocietyDon’t let the “Honor Society” part intimidate you. If you’ve got at least a B average, you’re in (in most schools). Just make sure you like some aspect of art, though. 
  7. Mu Alpha ThetaThe math club for less competitive students than those of the Math Team. You’ll end up tutoring students in geometry, algebra, etc. Make sure to have lots of patience and bring a giant eraser.
  8. SAVE/SADD (Students Against Violence Everywhere/ Students Against Drunk Driving). Like making awareness posters and warning classmates with little common sense? You’re in the right spot.
  9. TSA (Technology Student Association). For those aspiring architects and future engineers. You’ll be putting in a lot of after school hours building a model replica of anything from the Taj Mahal to a hospital wing.
  10. Language Clubs (French Club, Spanish Club, etc.). You really don’t do much except eat together at a restaurant Friday nights. Oh, and occasionally watch movies. It’s a “culturally creative” atmosphere.

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