Catchphrase? Seems Legit


Throughout the past week, I’ve adopted and discarded several catchphrases for my personal use. It’s always good to have a handy catchphrase people can identify you by, so that the next time someone mentions “Ha, coolio,” you can hope someone nearby will reply, “Hey, that’s Sam’s catchphrase!”

(No, my name is not Sam, and I do not say Ha, coolio. I mean, coolio? Really?)

Here are the catchphrases I went through this week:

  • “Despicable me.” Inspired after the movie. Came to mind the afternoon I received my math quiz back. Great phrase to make yourself feel better after a huge failure. Oh, I missed the meeting? Ah, despicable me.
  • “Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.” (must say in the space of 1 second) Inspired by a fellow classmate whose current catchphrase is “cool-cool-cool,” named after some character in some TV show I do not remember. Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, moving on.
  • “Ugh, fuh.” Not only do the words rhyme, but they are a good replacement for more…er…vulgar words. Ugh, fuh, I can’t believe I bombed the quiz.
  • “Are you serial/cereal?” An old popular catchphrase back in the day. Slang for “Are you serious?” Appropriate in situations involving high incredulity. Really? Are you serial?
  • “Seems legit.” My latest catchphrase (and most likely a keeper). Appropriate for all occasions, from humor to stark seriousness — er, “cerealness.” Oh, you’re getting married? As in binding yourself to one person to live with for the rest of your life, which most likely won’t happen due to the high divorce rate and the amounts of fiery arguments you’ll have when you’re 40, not to mention the chance of debts and credit failures added to disobedient kids? Seems legit.


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