Accepting: Self-Righteous Pharisees

Ever since college, I’ve been getting more acquainted with my spiritual life (which was severely lacking in high school).

My family is Christian, and I’ve always been one as well–I just never went to Sunday School every Sunday, nor did I attend Fellowship frequently. The reason? Well, to be honest, I never quite grasped the whole “break yourself down and be completely vulnerable in front of others” thing Fellowship emphasized (I was a naive teenager).

The thing is, there were so many “Christians” I knew from school who didn’t act the… Christian way. Even at church, they gossiped, they formed snobbish cliques, they compared clothing, etc. It was all very fake for me, so I tended to stay away from church. Instead, I studied the Bible on my own.

But in college, there were so many Christian groups it was impossible to avoid them.

I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by so many caring people on campus, but of course, not everything is as smooth as it looks on the surface. Namely:

  • The self-righteous religious girl. You know, the girl whom you can’t ignore because she’s just so nice to you and gives you compliments everyday. But when you join her in a Bible study group and disagree with something she says… Heaven forbid. Oh, and when you miss a Sunday service, she’ll be the one loudly wondering “why some people would skip church because of midterms.”
  • The curious inquisitor. So you’re at Fellowship, chatting and meeting new people afterwards. He asks you the typical questions — where are you from? Do you have siblings? Then, almost always: Are you a Christian? (and/or Is your family Christian?) First of all, why the -insert word here- does it matter to you if my family is Christian or not? Second of all, I’m here, aren’t I? Of course I’m Christian–and if I’m not, there’s a high chance I’m very interested in it.
  • The get-a-hint, er, please? It’s good to have people care about you. I’m all for love and support, but it gets annoying when you have people who crowd around you and poke their noses into every aspect of your life. “Why didn’t you come to church today?” or “Oh…you’re switching youth groups? Uh, why?” Oh dear.

In the Bible, there are several verses that emphasizes the flimsiness of human nature. How even a loyal disciple today can betray you the next, how best friends can become enemies, etc. I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting at 12:40 AM. I should get some sleep.


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