School Rivalries: When the Teasing Turns Serious

School rivalries are nothing unusual. From Harvard and Yale, to Michigan and Ohio State, college rivalries promote school spirit and harmless fun.

But when do you draw the line?

A bunch of my friends go to Georgia Tech. Likewise, a good amount attends the University of Georgia. For those who aren’t from the south, Georgia Tech and UGA have been rivals since forever. The main joke: Georgia Tech is full of nerds who have no social lives, and UGA is full of football jocks who can’t learn.

Yes, sounds funny right? Mostly it’s just one school poking fun at the other. Recently, however, I stumbled across the Georgia Tech College Memes Facebook page. (The sudden rise of college memes is a whole other story.)

Some of the memes were pretty hilarious:

Then came a flood of ones that bashed UGA. Example:

The above image macro sparked over 121 comments, 833 likes, and 127 shares. The comments started off innocuously enough.

Note: All comment misspellings and abbreviations were fixed to provide clarity. Also, swear words have been replaced with asterisks. 

She is trying to draw out one of GT’s offensive plays. They all just run around the field like they are lost! – UGA student

Probably a young violin prodigy doing some relaxing between practice sessions. At least we endorse creativity and the arts 😉 – UGA student

This looks like Ph.D. level material if we’re talking about UGA…bahahaha. – Georgia Tech student

Then the comments take a sharp turn.

Sorry, but Tech is internationally known for its engineering programs, while UGA’s “programs” basically don’t exist on a global scale. – Georgia Tech student


… I willing to sacrifice 4 years (probably the best years of my life) for a bomb *** degree that will set me up for life. No **** that’s why I’m here…the only reason I’m here. UGA *****, good luck with your ***** *** degree in agriculture that can only land you a piss poor instate job. – Georgia Tech student

Whoa now! How did the tone suddenly change like this? (Also, my father majored in agricultural economics, which studies show have the lowest unemployment rate these years. But again, that’s another story.)

And lastly let’s not forget how this rivalry got started in the first place (if you don’t think this is relevant, then I honestly don’t know what is). GT beat the crap out of UGA and all the babies at your school got so butthurt that they started acting like the little children they are. – Georgia Tech student

To make the situation worse, the UGA College Memes Facebook page launched the following macro 2 days later:

In my opinion, it seems like a good way to end the angry feud. Unfortunately, the Georgia Tech posters trickled over and began bashing. Again.

And this is why we are better than you. You care about getting drunk. We care about learning which is arguably the reason for going to college. You will work at Kohl’s, we will change the world. – Georgia Tech student

If you look at average salaries (meaning most of the students) of UGA undergraduate students they are around $15,000 lower than Georgia Tech undergrads and many of the popular degrees UGA offers are not the higher return degrees like the ones Georgia Tech has. (Or at least their good ones aren’t) Moral of the story here: Maybe it can be great to be a bulldog 10% of the time but it will always be better to be a Yellow Jacket. – Georgia Tech student

Thank you @Clayton. And @Kyle, thank you for further proving my point. You obviously think that you are smarter than me because of the school you go to. Congrats! As I said in my previous post, I’m not going to college to find a well paying job; I’m going to study something I love (which by the way will not result in me working under a Tech grad since your school doesn’t even offer the program). “Math” is not a difficult concept for me either believe it or not. It’s rather ignorant of you to assume that just because I’m not at Tech. Maybe you are better at math or at engineering, again congrats! If I wanted to do either of those things with my life I would be at Tech. But I don’t. So please don’t belittle me and try and act like you’re better than me because we’re interested in pursuing different things. It’s rude and unnecessary and it’s mentalities like yours that give Tech students this sort of reputation. And by the way, people in California actually HAVE heard of UGA. If they and others around the WORLD and country hadn’t then it would be only in-state students for the whole population. I sincerely wish you the best in your future at Tech but please don’t be ignorant and try to insult and belittle us because we chose a different school. – UGA student

I go to neither school, but I have to say my heart goes out to UGA after seeing this viral argument and the way Georgia Tech students responded. There’s a universal quote that goes along the lines of, “Don’t say what is already tacitly well known.” Yes, of course going to Harvard gets you better job opportunities than going to the local community college, but do Harvard grads go around advertising this?


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