Super Bowl Sunday


Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. Nachos, Coca Cola, and hollering fans in front of the TV.


I have never been a football watcher — or any sport watcher, for that matter. (Okay, okay, I am clearly a weirdo. I know. Hey, sometimes I watch tennis… does that count?) So when someone first mentioned the Super Bowl to me last week, my primary reaction was, “Uh–I thought the Super Bowl was only on Thanksgiving?”


Aside from the excitement and good food, Super Bowl is famous for its commercials. It makes sense. Advertisers everywhere fight for the chance to appear on what will have more than 100 million viewers. It’s a tight competition; many commercials did not make the cut. So, as you sit back and cheer for your team this evening, make sure to take note of those winning¬†commercials.


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