No Problem, Partner!


Welcome to the world of partner projects. You know, smaller than group projects but larger than individual projects? (I mean the quantity of people.)

Speaking of quantity, let’s talk about quality.

What happens when you end up with a lazy partner? A disorganized partner? A partner who doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that this project is worth a huge grade, and that we better do a freaking good job on it or else?

So, some of you read my past post about being a perfectionist. I’m not demanding of others, but I do push myself to do the best I can on large assignments.

Then you get the partner who doesn’t pull his or her own weight at all.

Here are various steps to confronting this…Type B person, to put it nicely.

1. Guilt trip.

You: So, this project is pretty intense, huh? Man, I’ve been doing so much on it. I worked on the entire poster and the research.

If this garners no helpful response, proceed to step 2.

2. Assertiveness.

You: I need you to collect the data by tomorrow. Seriously. You really need to look this up.

If this garners no helpful response, proceed to step 3.

3. Threaten them Tell the instructor.

You: Hi (Insert Instructor’s Name Here). I’m really frustrated. My partner hasn’t been pulling his weight, and I’ve been trying to do everything on my own.

The instructor will either talk to your partner, or give you some leeway on the project.

Remember though, someone who makes a bad project partner may not necessarily make a bad friend. Don’t get aggressive at your partner (even though at times you feel like biting his/her head off). When it comes to projects, be serious and assertive, but when the sun’s down, share a few jokes or catch a Starbucks break. You never know when you need that person in the future–whether to borrow cash or to watch a marathon of Sherlock.


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