Accepting: Middle School and Why It Stank

Remember middle school? The awkward transition years from child to teen? When you were old enough to shop for your own clothes but still needed Mom’s ride to the mall?

Let’s not forget the overly saturated hormones, drama, and cliques that suddenly burst into full color.

I went Internet hunting yesterday and looked up old Xanga profiles of my classmates from seventh and eighth grade. If you don’t know, Xanga is a blog site (not as good as WordPress, of  course, *ahem*). Back in middle school, Xanga was the social networking site. (For our school, anyway.)

Basically, here’s what people did:

  1. Write awful, misspelled, and grammatically incorrect blurbs about their day.
  2. Post photos of themselves (mostly girls)
  3. Post song lyrics with every other word bolded, italicized, or underlined.
  4. Comment on other classmates’ Xangas. There was a silent competition to see who gets the most comments.

Here’s someone’s post that I remember smiling at back in seventh grade. Now…I just shake my head.

….anways the school year is almost over but wen i look back on the year that was i ll see alot of fun times and great moments even though some of my best friends werent on my team and i learned to never tell a girl to get back to the kitchen, esepcailly wen a female teacher is rite there, lol

Here are regular comments people posted on each others’ pages:

your awesome! i ❤ your lay and song!

comment me back


hey abby whats up? nm here just takin on aim.

comment back


hey thanx 4 the comment well heres a comment back!!


Midde school was the period everyone was bent on popularity, dating, and wearing Abercrombie & Fitch outfits (I don’t mean the sweaters–some of them are actually cute. I mean the T-shirts that are just regular tees branded with a humongous logo of the store across the front, thereby making the shirts 20 times more expensive than a similar one without the logo.)

Believe me, I’ve faced public snubbing and petty rumors. I remember the time I doodled two elephants–one with my name, one with my crush’s name–on a paper while the teacher was teaching about the Republican party. Incredibly, not more than 24 hours later, half the grade found out that I “drew two elephants with a huge red heart over them!” (No, seriously, there was no heart. I admit there were two elephants and two names, but how the heck did they come up with “a huge red heart”?)

Maybe it was just my school, which was in a small town located in the middle of nowhere. You know the old saying–small town blues, blah blah. Then, I moved to a different city (thank goodness).

Honestly, I think I only keep in touch with 4 close friends from back then.

My overall reaction, 6 years later?


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