High School Crushes Revisited

If you haven’t yet seen or heard Taylor Swift’s The Story of Us, then you have a new priority right this minute.

Set in a posh high school/academy, this upbeat hit (not a downer, I promise) addresses the awkwardness of encountering an ex after a breakup. Awkward silences, obsessive unanswered questions, an urge to say hi again–the song addresses it all.

How exactly do I relate to this music video, considering I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life? (strict parents + extremely picky on my part = not a good formula for potential dates)

Well, junior year of high school, this guy and I pretty much “clicked.” Even a random passerby would agree there was something more than regular friendship on the surface. Then add in a lack of good communications, blah blahs, -insert long winded story here-, and the guy and I pretty much fell apart. We ended up in the same first period class senior year, and I’m pretty sure we only exchanged twenty words the entire year.

Long story short, it got to the point where he greeted everyone but me, even if we sat two desks away (which tells a lot about his character…or mine…uh, let’s change the subject now).

Besides being semi-able to relate to the story, I love the video primarily for its aestheticism. The scenes are shot perfectly, the choreography is on time, and the setting (filmed at the Vanderbilt library!) is gorgeous. Hmm, maybe I should become a movie director.


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