My First College Party


College so far is going well. I mean, it’s barely started, so I don’t have a 100% accurate prediction for the rest of the year. Basically, I’m preparing to find a balance between work study at the library, orchestra, youth group, and homework.

Oh, and college parties.

Okay, so let me get to the point: college parties are not the “ish” (definition: something wicked cool) and if you think they are, well…good for you.

  1. Pre-Game Party (get drunk)
  2. Party (dance to loud pounding music you can’t hear the lyrics to while others grind and dance extremely inappropriately)
  3. Continue Step 2 for another hour
  4. Talk to sketchy looking people

Luckily, a group of friends and I skipped steps 3 and 4 to return to our dorm and watch Sherlock the BBC series. Best time ever.

As for future college parties?

Count me out please!



4 thoughts on “My First College Party”

  1. College parties… I haven’t started college yet (2 more weeks!), but they don’t appeal to me.

    Sherlock, however? I am hooked and am dying for the next season to come out! (Wait, are you talking about the recent series or the Jeremy Bretty series from twenty years ago? Either way, they’re awesome!)

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