Internet Swag…or Should I Say Gag?

Computers and keyboards have formed a long list of acceptable word shortcuts. How r u? and h8rs gonna h8 are only the cream of the cupcake.

Yet sometimes, one wonders why we can’t spend the extra 2 seconds typing out the entire word correctly. Especially when you see these internet … “swag” :

  • how yu doing guh? – Yes, I realize you may pronounce “girl” differently, but since we’re reading, not hearing, maybe spelling it out correctly is better for everyone
  • yooooo. waittttt a seccc. where are youuuuu? – Did your finger get stuck on the key at the end letter of every word? Hurry, get rid of the gum!
  • jst a minnit imma get a cuppatea – I think the dictionary just got new words added.

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