Pre College?


I leave for college in a few days. Exciting, nerve-wrecking, -insert cliches here-.

I’m going to miss living at home in my comfortable room. Where else can I wear nothing but pajama shorts and a stinky tank top without getting reprimanded (or weird looks)? Here is a list I’ve compiled of things people can do at home but not in a shared college dorm:

  • Pick that booger that’s clogging your nose
  • Scratch awkward places
  • Say stuff out loud to yourself
  • Pass gas (need I say more)
  • Sing spontaneously
  • Keep the lights on till past midnight (unless roommate is a night owl as well)
  • Keep the room a casual mess
  • Cough and sneeze without worries

Maybe this is why they say college makes you a ‘better person’ and prepares you for ‘real life.’ Yep, I’m sure ridding these bad habits is a blessing. I’m going to miss having a room to myself though.


2 thoughts on “Pre College?”

  1. dont worry, if you have a roommate who you become best friends with like I did, 99% of these things remain acceptable! Good luck!

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