The Things We Got Reprimanded For Even Though We Were Right

Remember elementary school?

Middle school?

High school?

Chances are, each one of us got reprimanded at some point for doing something wrong. Now that we’re older and wiser, we remember those times and realize that hey, we were right!

Here are some memories I’d like to recount. (I am now able to say, I told you so.)

Synopsis Tops

3rd grade: Teacher instructed us to each write a synopsis on a novel. I wrote one precise sentence that perfectly summarized the entire plot. Teacher shouted at me in front of the class on how it was too short, and how the girl next to me who had written a sloppy paragraph was doing it right.

9 years later: College essay advice from teachers, counselors, admission office: KEEP IT SHORT.

P.S. Open up a novel and read the copyrights page. There should be a line marked: synopsis. Isn’t it one sentence? (Note: some novels do not have this.)

Orange You Glad?

5th grade: Art teacher got angry I painted the landscape orange. Apparently I was supposed to paint it “neutral” or something.

2 years later: Bright colorful artwork won me $75.

Shush Hush

8th grade: Obnoxious kid told me I had no guts to talk to people face-to-face (told me this via the Internet by the way, the irony…)

3 year later: I became president of music club, officer of NHS, orchestra helper, reliable humorist. Need I say more?

The Solver

12th grade: AP Microeconomics homework. I was pretty sure I was right, but 3 other students disagreed with me adamantly. Despite my arguments, they refused to listen until I became unsure myself.

A few hours later: Turns out I was right after all.




2 thoughts on “The Things We Got Reprimanded For Even Though We Were Right”

  1. Word limits/minimums, page limits/minimums etc. are still happening during my senior year of college. You’d think that at a certain point we’d abandon the twisted notion that the more BS you write, the better. There’s something to be said for being succinct – if anything, it’s harder to make a point in a sentence or two, as you did.

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