4th of July Memories


It’s that day again. July 4th.

On this date, people realize several things. The first and most important realization is the fact summer is halfway over. July 4th marks that peak in the hill of summer excitement. You know, the summit everyone’s been looking forward to since May 30th? And as with every peak, there is a descent. No more excitement until…Labor Day?


Every July 4th my family and I go out to the Wal-Mart parking lot to watch the fireworks in the near distance. The parking lot is a mix of sparklers, BBQ smoke, relaxed chatter, and cars. Clusters and clusters of minivans, trucks, convertibles, etc. And inside Wal-Mart, well, they’re definitely making big bucks with all the bottled waters, sodas, and snacks they’re selling. (Don’t forget the fireworks.)

Interestingly, I have yet to witness a rainy 4th of July. I’ve moved around several times in my youth, and there never was rain on any Independence Day. Still, if it rains, here are 5 suggestions to spend your holiday:

  1. Picnic indoors. What’s more fun than having a picnic on your own hardwood floor? No mosquitoes or ants to worry about.
  2. Watch the DC Fireworks on TV. Maybe some of you already do. Either way, enjoy.
  3. Sing “The Grand Old Duke of York” and other songs from your elementary school history class. (May I recommend “Yankee Doodle”?)
  4. Sparklers the next day. Hey, the longer you extend “the peak of summer,” the better!
  5. Dance crazy.

Happy Independence Day.





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