Accepting: Single Children

Single children (ones without brothers or sisters) seem to have a smaller capability for little but essential life experiences.

Of course, there are exceptions, but from what I’ve observed, single children tend to be more self-absorbed, and they don’t relate to others as well.

Or maybe it’s more culture-related? 99% of the single children I know tend to be Eastern Asians, particularly Chinese, so my observations are rather limited and may be subject to study bias. Before we go further, let me state that I, too, am Asian, so this is free of prejudice.

  1. J – outspoken girl, but people skills on the low end. Does not understand sarcasm, ethics, or jokes.
  2. S – extremely cynical. Everything coming out of her mouth about someone is not good. Purposely missed her graduation because “why would I go to a stupid event only to have my name called for 2 seconds?” Uh, because it’s a milestone, and so does everyone’s name?
  3. SL – CONSTANT Facebook statuses of: I am so chubby!” and “I hate myself and this day.” and “I will never find true love, it will never work out.” even though numerous people console her that she is beautiful, her ex is still her good friend, and her life is great.
  4. L – slacker guy. Pined over a girl for a year who didn’t return his feelings. Admits to having grades drop because he “can’t concentrate in class because she’s there.”  Oh, and apparently doesn’t understand jokes either and calls people trying to cheer him up Socially awkwardbehind their backs.
  5. C – our family invited her to stay with us for 3 days. We spent quite a lot of money and time so she’d have a good time sightseeing. We didn’t receive one single thanks during the trip or afterwards.
  6.  A – sophomoric sophomore who makes crude inappropriate jokes 4 times during lunch. Look kid, we’re laughing because we’re sick of them, not because they’re funny.

Maybe I ought to look at their positive sides more.

Or continue this study in college with more precise guidelines.



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