Conversation Translator

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a conversation translator to remove the sugarcoating and honey sprinkles?

Annoying Classmate: “Congrats on the scholarship…though you know, *small smile and subtle eye glance* , not a lot of people applied.”

Me: “Oh really.”

Annoying Classmate: “Yeah, they only gave us a week.” *rolls eyes*

Let’s recapture that conversation.

AC: I would have won the scholarship if I had applied, but I didn’t, and even though you won, I’m still better and smarter than you are.”

Me: “Your statement is as illogical as suggesting if you had been born before Edison, you could have been the one who invented the lightbulb.”

Is being direct better?

I’m always too nice to people.

I’ll admit, sometimes I wait for so-called karma to strike the annoying, mean, and arrogant people. Or “just desserts.” I never see it happening, but they must happen subtly, without the eye seeing. But then again, nothing is ever a big deal. Two more weeks until graduation. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

It’ll be nice to get some free space after 4 years with the same people.


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