A Day of Fun: Calculus vs the Sun

Today was the annual Senior Picnic.  At our school, it translates to:

  1. Water balloons
  2. Water guns
  3. Water spray bottles

Yeah, it’s all harmless fun…until you spot the occasional losers who fill their water weapons with oil, bleach, and even urine. Every year, someone manages to get hurt at the Senior Picnic.

But still, 2 hours of sun, blue skies, water, green grass, inflatables, and soccer with 600 classmates sounds like every teenager’s dream, right?

I was one of the few secluded seniors who spent the two hours indoors studying for upcoming AP exams. (insert gasps and exclamations here). Actually, I enjoyed my time. It was productive. I was safe from sunburn, which many of my classmates managed to get. Besides, I was wearing a white T-shirt (water + white shirt = enough said).

This event quite accurately portrays my experience with high school, actually. I feel like an elastic rope: On one side, the “let’s party hardy”; on the other, “study buddy.” It wasn’t until junior year when I finally managed to edge towards the “study buddy” side. (If only I set my priorities straight earlier!)

Yeah, I might have missed out on one of the “BEST DAY EVER OMG” (to quote one of my friends), but I don’t regret my time spent. Sure, it’s important to loosen up every once in a while. But sometimes, following the path less taken is the way to go.


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