The Ivy League


The Ivy League (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, and University of Pennsylvania) has decreased its acceptance rate once more.


With the weakened economy and students applying to 13 schools on average, these highly competitive schools have closed their doors on many qualified applicants (myself included).

Ivy League Acceptance Rates for 2011

The above data shows the average acceptance rate for the eight schools is 9.7%. This means 9 out of 10 students are denied entry.

And according to trends over the years, the acceptance rates at these institutions will only continue to decline.


Advice to next year’s applicants: Gone are the days when a near-perfect GPA and 2300+ on your SAT guarantee admission. Shining essays can only get you so far. Awards and extracurricular activities are taking their weight.

And always remember, it’s not the college that makes you, it’s what you do to hone your abilities that takes you far. As the proverb says, “Gold will glitter anywhere.” If you have work diligently and possess true talent, you will shine wherever you go for your studies.


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