Class Presentations: Humor vs Serious


So recently we had a class project in AP Lit. Basically, we each had to analyze a novel (The Poisonwood Bible) and prepare a creative presentation to the class.

Being the tech geek I am, I made a brilliant website with facts and information on analytical themes and symbolism in the story.

What did the class do?



Now, some were meaningful and obviously had lots of work put into them. Others…let’s just say the crappy material was what made it so “laughable.” (Portraying a girl in the novel with a piece of paper taped to a teddy bear? Uh.)

But in my AP Lit class, laughable = kudos.

Imagine my grief (the horror, the horror) when nobody makes a sound when I give my presentation on my standard, boring website. The applause? Not thunderous, to say the least. Even the teacher wasn’t entertained.


But I’ve learned a while ago that embarrassing moments are always temporary and fleeting. As long as I believe I did a good job, that’s all that matters.

Anyway, is it bad I’m a naturally serious person when it comes to academics? (insert smiley face/shrug here)


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