Looking Down

Throughout high school, I have always looked up to guys (and gals) who were older than I was.

Why this was, I do not know.

Well, I probably have some clue. Teenagers (especially girls) tend to look up to people who are older than they are, people with more experience, people who can look after them, etc. Plus, making friends with the upperclassmen is always a definite plus–you get to hear confidential advice about school and life!

(or maybe hanging out with seniors when you were a freshman was just…you know, cool)

Now that I’m a senior myself, though, I have no new people to meet anymore…except the *gulp* underclassmen.

Yep, that freshman who started a food fight in the cafeteria the other day. Those sophomores who blocked the hallway between classes. The junior who sits in my AP Calculus class…wait, huh?

He is in Student Council as well, both last year and this year. Yet I can’t say I’ve noticed him quite that often. Maybe I was too busy gawking at the senior class president during last year’s meetings.

But now, I have a crush on this junior class genius. Cute brown hair and hazel eyes.

Yikes, I’m in love with…someone younger than I am?

I feel it is slightly unacceptable to stalk through a younger male’s Facebook profile. Then again, it’s just a fun crush. Besides, there are many women out there who are married to younger men, am I right?


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