Songs, Dreams, and Fantasy Teens

First of all, why do the majority of songs today cease to sound as sweet and innocent as past ones? From the inappropriate lyrics from “Kiss N Tell” by Ke$ha to the suggestive “Three” by Britney Spears, it’s a wonder why our generation has “gone down the tubes.” (Whatever happened to the PG songs like “Oops I Did It Again,” Britney??)

And don’t get me started on rap music. Some people may like it, but I like traditional instrumental music and sounds. A little techno twist here and there is cool, but come on now. (And who is this “Shawty” person we keep hearing about in 98.5% of rap songs?)

Now, here’s a video of a popular song from the past generation (well, the past decade, give or take a few years). I believe the mannequins are based on real guys, especially the last male mannequin–looks very realistic, no?




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