Snow Day

Snow in the South

Snow Day
(a muse)

Icy geometric shapes lie in cold heaps.
Frozen rain gathers on the top,
Forming a cocoon of crystallized waters.
Homemade sleds of broken tires and cardboard
Race down icy hills of the subdivision.
Laughter, a dog’s bark, and a runny nose
Accompany the bittersweet cold as the clouds look on.

Snapshots of mittens and snowmen in scarves
Flood family albums and email attachments.
Mama is cooking her famous roast chicken again–
The aroma of stir-fry vegetables fill the warm house.

Look out for the frozen pond,
Where the winter geese have long abandoned.
School remains deserted amidst the empty traffic.
Skate across the ice and snow in boots or sneakers;
Close your eyes and  imagine the swirl of snowflakes again,
Sipping in the cold, sweet air as you teeter, lose balance,
And fall into the heaps of icy squares and circles.


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